SEB and the World Bank pioneered Green Bond financing in late 2008, when we engaged in arranging capital markets solutions with a sustainability profile.

As the sole lead manager, we have partnered with the World Bank in numerous consecutive raisings of green bonds for a total of more than USD 2.2 billion.

The World Bank Green Bonds are designed to raise additional funding for projects or programs that support low-carbon activities in World Bank client countries. They respond to growing interest from institutional investors for highly rated fixed-income products that support sustainable development. A key feature valued by many investors is the due diligence process that the World Bank environmental specialists conduct to identify and monitor green bond supported projects.

SEB has arranged customer seminars presenting the solution, one of the latest being a joint event with the World Bank at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. The great interest in these bonds has inspired other issuers, including governments and corporates. Learn more on Green bonds here: