SEB in Denmark has gained international recognition for its unique contribution to the improvement and beautification of public spaces in Copenhagen – the city room Bymilen at the group's headquarters in Copenhagen harbour. City Space was completed 2010th

The recognition comes from the European association of landscape architects European Federation for Landscape Architecture (EFLA).

“SEB's urban space at the group's headquarters in Copenhagen - the so-called Bymilen - is unique in a European context. At a time when more and more areas in European cities are bought by private investors to keep closed to the public, SEB decided to go in the opposite direction. In collaboration with landscape architect Bureau SLA, SEB has created an open, green and inviting public space of international standing as the Copenhagen can enjoy.

An outdoor living room

- We in SEB are pleased and proud to receive international recognition for our contribution to improving the public space in Copenhagen. As a bank, it is very important for us to involve ourselves actively in society. Bymilen is good for both the City of Copenhagen's citizens and our own employees, who have embraced the urban space as an outdoor living room, said Peter Mering, property manager at SEB Denmark.

Stig L Andersson, creative director of SLA, is also pleased with the honourable mention:

 - With Bymilen we have shown that an investment in the public sphere not only creates value for the surrounding city, but also gives a unique value for the company - happier and more satisfied employees, says Stig L Andersson.